Metro’s Playing Live: Tailgate

Tailgate: written by Jonathan Estep I have always loved the good ol’ redneck party crowd, being raised in the mountains of Eastern KY. The song is about what we did on a Saturday night, beer, good times and great music. It’s a feel good song, that makes you want to kick back and let the workweek disappear. “I spent most …

New Track: Stand On Up

Here’s a new track from our up and coming new album. We’re putting the finishing touches on the rest of the album and wanted to let you hear a little bit of it. Let us know what you think! Chris Campbell and Jonathan Estep playing Stand On Up [gdlr_video url=”″ ]   [gdlr_music_player album=”Metro Jethros” num_fetch=”99″ ]

Working Hard In the Studio

Crazy 2015 start!!!!! Between the public and private shows the Jethros have also been working hard in the studio with our producer and friend Eddie Snuggs .  Hopefully we will be throwing 3 more original tunes on our CD .  We are really excited to introduce a creative songwriter out of Statesville NC Scott Shoemaker who wrote our next hit …

Last Song of the Set “Soul Shine” Introducing the Boys

What a memorable night for this little garage band.  Honestly, its one we will never forget . Marshall Tucker rocked !!! We made some new friends !! Just a great overall night. [gdlr_video url=”″ ]  

Jethros at Johnny and Junes

This is gonna be a great show.  Our show is different from the norm and I think Johnny and Junes will like what we bring .  We are very excited to play at one of the hottest Country Bars in Winston Salem.  So mark your calenders for Oct. 10  If your traveling from out of state you can find hotel …